Volunteer Sign Up

If you are not of legal age (18+) and would like to volunteer, we would still love to have you!  Please be sure to sign and hand-in the volunteer waiver form on race day, at our Volunteer Night, or sent to volunteer@runforh2o.ca.

Current Volunteer Sign-up Sheets

No sheets currently available at this time.


Volunteer Orientation

Make Up Orientation – June 10th 2017

2950 East Kent Ave S (Riverfront Park)

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Pre-run (at morning)


– Distribute remaining packages to runners

– Provide answers to questions or direct questions to appropriate people

Run Set-up

– Assist with the set-up of the run at the Riverfront Park
– Set-up tents, tables, “stage area”, seating area

Food Table

– Prep food/drink table

Bag Check

– Check in personal belongings from the participants

– Secure the area

– Provide answers to questions or direct questions to appropriate people


– In pairs, circulate around the park to welcome runners and community members, direct people to washroom facilities, answer general questions, act as “walking information booth”

Parking Coordinators

– Coordinate parking only along SE marine drive

– Be a friendly face directing runners to parking lot or notifying them if lot is full

– Give direction or suggestions to other places to park, while mindful of parking restrictions

– Offer directions to Riverfront Park

Sound and Technical Support

– Help set up power and sound equipment

– Manage sound systems and microphone

– Ensure site equipment safety

During The Run

Water Stations

– Gather materials needed for each water station set-up 

– Set-up water stations along route at Riverfront Park at 7:30am

Bike Messengers

– Let marshalls and water stations know to pack up once last runner has gone by

Children Activities

– Participate in a group setting to assist with providing fun and entertaining experience on race day for families with young children (face painting, balloon animals, craft stations etc)

First Aid

– Provide basic medical assistance throughout route and on site

– 911 for serious injuries

– 4 First Aid stations: Start/Finish Area, water stations – 3km, 5km, 8.5km

– After last biker has passed, first aid station can close and feel free to leave after signing out or come to the Park

– Clean up the area and bring all garbage items to the Waste area located at the Park, ensuring these are recycled accordingly

Car Owners/Drivers

7:30am – 8:30am

– Pick up marshalls at Riverfront Park

– Drop them off at their assigned location along the route

10:00am – 10:30am

– Pick up marshalls at their assigned location and drop them off at Riverfront Park

Truck Owners/Drivers

6:30am – 8:00am

– Transport materials/equipment from storage place to Riverfront park

12:00pm – 1:30pm

– Transport materials/equipment from Riverfront park to storage place

Run Clean-up

– Help with the clean-up of the run

Event Promotion & Education

Route Marshals/Spirit Squad

– Be a friendly, helpful ambassador of H2O to the public, warning them that a run is going on and there may be a wave of runners on the trail coming towards or behind them. People are usually grateful to be warned so when they see our runners they’re prepared for them.

– Direct runners to stay on route by directing them at turns.

– Keep runners safe by being a visible beacon to vehicles so they see increase of foot traffic.

– Encourage and cheer on runners as they pass by!

Water Resource Educations

– Assist the Education lead in a scavenger hunt educational activity

– Encourage and educate participants on the importance of water conservation

– Educate participants on the water issues in Guatemala


– Take photos for the event

Prize/Auction Coordinators

– Help manage the silent auction

– Identify and contact winners for prizes and auctions


– Spare helpers to assist with miscellaneous tasks such as responding to questions from volunteers/ runners, race site setup/ take-down and moving equipment



The event is organized by volunteers, if you have questions for us please use the contact form.

If you have questions regarding the projects, contact our charity.

HOPE International Development Agency
214 Sixth Street, New Westminster
British Columbia, Canada  V3L 3A2

Local: 604-525-5481
Toll Free: 1-866-525-HOPE (4673)
Fax: 604-525-3471
E-mail: hope@hope-international.com
Website: www.hope-international.com

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