Sustainability Focus

Sustainability Focus

Why Sustainability?

Did you know that we don’t just fundraise to build clean water systems in Guatemala, but also teach communities how to maintain them. Volunteers provide them with the skills necessary to keep it sustainable. They educate them on various ways to reduce and re-use water.

This is exactly why we are striving to make the event more sustainable and promote sustainable living in Vancouver, like they do in Guatemala. We want to be more than just a running event. This year you will have the opportunity to learn about recycling, food preservation, water conservation urban farming and much more at our sustainability fair!

Changes We’re Making

All of us love the environment, hate waste and care about those who lack the basic necessities. We are doing our best to make the event as sustainable as possible. Here are some of the things we are doing:

  • T-Shirts: you can opt out of it and donate the cost towards the fundraising goal!
  • Digital Race Package: we’ve gone digital to reduce the use of paper and plastic.
  • Posters: we re-used our old posters, just glued on the new date. Works like a charm!
  • Mini Cards: they’re half the size and save paper.

We aren’t perfect yet, but it’s a vision we are taking steps towards.