How to Fundraise

How to Fundraise

Tips on How to Fundraise!

We understand that the thought of fundraising can sometimes be a seemingly difficult and daunting task, but we also know that it can be an exciting and extremely rewarding challenge. Simply get the word out and you might be amazed at the kind of response you get!

Here are some ways you can make fundraising much less intimidating, and much more fun:


You are doing this for an unbelievably life changing cause, so get excited and get pumped up! Not only will this take away any hesitations you may have about fundraising, it is also a great way to approach potential donors. Once others see how much you believe in the cause, and this event, they will be more inclined to feel the same and hopefully want to get on board.


Make a list of those closest you;  you parents, sister/brothers, aunts/uncles, cousins, and friends! Now all you have to do is approach your friends and family and get them just as excited as you are.


Apart of a club? A church? A sports club? A choir? Start with places that you attend and are apart of, places where you have connections with the people there (start with your school!). Tell them ALL about the incredible RunForh2o you’re apart of and the amazing cause its for.


Are you finding people that want to participate in the run with you, or friends and family that want to join you?! Well you know longer have to be a lone wolf in your fundraising. Now you have a group of people that can form their own lists and connect with their own family/friends for donations! Spice things up and turn it into a competition with other fundraising teams! … Who will be the best team?!


Now its time to really start getting into people’s faces- use your excitement, passion and enthusiasm and share it wherever and with whoever you can! Don’t forget that every little bit of support helps!


Now that you have the attention of a lot of people and a team for support, you can get creative and have fun with your fundraising.  Have a garage sale, a book sale, or even organise a hat day at your school, where, with the permission of the principal, students can wear a hat in school with the donation of a dollar. The opportunities are endless, but its up to you to think of the best one… and don’t stop at one!


Twitter, facebook, instagram, tumblr– use all the social media avenues you have to get the word out and get people on board! The beauty of social media is that you post from the comfort of your own bedroom- it doesn’t require much effort. Maybe you could make a facebook event  for RunForH20 and invite all your facebook friends.  Link, link, link! Link everyone and anyone to the RunForH20 website, and specifically your donations page.


On the RunForH20 website you are able to have a sponsors page (dedicated all to you and your team), which people can access, read a bit about you and the event,  see the goal for the amount you want to raise and how close you are to reaching that goal.  Now you can linke the world to this page and if you create a page for your team, then you can even keep tabs on the other teams and try your best to stay on top!


Most importantly– thank everyone for their time, attention, and hopefully, donations! Perhaps send out personalised thank you e-mails to create an even bigger connection with your sponsors and to let them know they are appreciated. Don’t forget to give thanks on behalf of the people of Guatemala who are beyond grateful to have their lives improved by water.



Do I have to run to fundraise?

We want to provide as many opportunities as possible for people to contribute to this event and so, it is not mandatory to run in order to fundraise.

How do I include cash and cheques in my online total?

To make sure your cash and cheque amounts are included in your online total.
<li><a title=”RunForH2O Fundraising Page” href=”;langpref=en-CA&amp;Referrer=” target=”_blank” data-cke-saved-href=”;langpref=en-CA&amp;Referrer=”>Login to your fundraising page</a></li>
<li>Click on the “Fundraising” tab</li>
<li>Select “Manage Cash or Cheque” in the Fundraising Menu</li>
<li>Enter in your donation</li>
<li>Be sure to bring all donations and pledge forms on the race day to be verified, Or else they will not count for prize draws!</li>

Can I change fundraising teams? Or start a new fundraising team?

Yes you can! To do this please contact us at participants @

What if friends and family from the US want to donate?

First of all, it is great to see you have been able to garner international support for this cause!

I changed my mind, can I change my run distance on the event day?

Yes! As long as you are for the 10km or 5km you are welcome to change your running distance at any time. You do not need to notify us for this.

How do I form/join a Team?

Join a fundraising team to have a chance to win great team prizes!

<strong>Step 1</strong> Pick a Team Captain
The team captain will be responsible for creating the fundraising group and also registering the team to get the group rate.

Team Captain – You should have your team details ahead of time. Name, Address, Birthdate.

<strong>Step 2 </strong>Team Captain – Sign Up
When you create a new account or log into you existing account you will be presented with options to “Register Individually”, “Join a Team” or to “Create a Team”

– Choose to “Create a Team”
– Complete your profile and the team details

<strong>Step 3</strong> Team Captain
Once you have completed your fundraising profile you will be asked to head to Running Room.

– Select the Group Rate (Note you must have at least 4 team members to qualify for the group rate
– Once you complete your registration on running room, you can still edit the information but you cannot add new members.
– If you have new members joining you will need to sign them up in groups of 4.
– TIP: If you do not have all of he information on hand, you can continue this step later. By logging into your fundraising page.

<strong>Step 4</strong> Team Members
Check with your Team Captain to see that you are registered on Running Room.

You only need to register for the Fundraising site.